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Why Study in New Zealand

We list down 10 reasons why studying in New Zealand is popular with Indian students.

Education in New Zealand is most sought after due to excellent academic quality with the presence of the world’s oldest and top-ranked universities. This combined with the diverse selection of courses makes it attract many international students. 

New Zealand is a beautiful country that everyone knows, but beyond that, for an Indian student, it offers excellent quality of education, great research opportunities and excellent quality of life. You can be assured of friendly people, easy to settle and live in, and a great support system for international students. Here are some top reasons why New Zealand could be your ideal study destination.

Excellent Quality of Education

The New Zealand qualifications authority (NZQA) has been formed to ensure teaching and evaluation standards across educational institutes across the country are consistent and of high quality, as prescribed by the government. Such measures have ensured that all New Zealand universities have consistently ranked in the world rankings for a long time.

Work Opportunities for Students

A huge factor that students must consider while selecting a country is work opportunities. During the study, New Zealand allows international students to work for up to 20 hours per week and if you are a doctoral or research student you can even work full time. Post the completion of studies, New Zealand will offer students an open post-study work Visa of up to 3 years which helps foreign students gain important work experience.

Quality of Life

New Zealand has been ranked 6th in the world for having a quality work-life balance. Auckland one of the biggest cities in New Zealand has been ranked the third best city to live in while Wellington has been ranked 12th. Surrounded by pristine nature, you will not find a maze of skyscrapers spread across New Zealand. There is room to breathe with a variety of lifestyle options.

Immigration possibilities

New Zealand is also one of the favorite immigration destinations for the Indian population. Post the completion of the work visa which is available after you complete studies one may choose to apply for the Permanent residency (PR).

The New Zealand PR allows you to live, work or study in New Zealand just like any other New Zealand citizen. The process is easy and straight forward, unlike many western countries.

Affordable education

The cost of education at most universities and colleges in New Zealand is comparatively affordable to some most western countries. Coupled with a low cost of living this proves to be another major factor in selecting New Zealand as a study abroad destination for Indian students.

Scenic country & friendly people

New Zealand is one of the most scenic countries in the world. New Zealand’s natural landscapes are diverse and stunning in terms of visuals. Free from pollution and overcrowding, another added advantage is the friendliness and warmth of the people around. It is very easy for an international student to get along.

Scholarships available

Various scholarship programs are available in all the universities and colleges of New Zealand. These help bright applications lower the cost of education further. Most of the scholarship programs are based on qualifying marks and hence if you are still studying, it is recommended to keep your grades high to be eligible for scholarships.


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