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Frequently asked questions on studying abroad

We heard you, here are the answers to some frequently asked questions of students and parents.

Studying abroad is a decision that requires a lot of contemplation and students and parents have a lot of doubts about it. With our years of experience behind us, we have compiled a list of commonly asked questions and doubts and have tried to answer them for you.

1. Am I eligible to study abroad?
 What are the eligibility requirements to study abroad?

Entry requirements vary according to many factors like country, course, level of education and there is no general statement that can be made about it.

Apart from a general requirement of completion of a lower level of study with at the very least 45% marks, there is also a requirement to have shown proficiency in an English language test. Some courses and universities also require you to have appeared for and have university mandated minimum scores in exams like GRE, GMAT or even SAT.

Read more about exams to give for studying abroad.

ProAmica can help you assess your eligibility for different programs and guide you on the courses, universities, and destinations that best meet your preferences.

2. How much will it cost to study abroad?
What is the cost of studying abroad for Indian students?

The costs associated with studying at a university or school abroad vary greatly. It depends on the level of education, the destination of your studies, your lifestyle preferences and even your current and future academic performances.

Starting from Germany where the tuition fees are very low or even free, there are countries and universities where the tuition fees can go very high. Scholarships are available for meritorious students and this can significantly reduce the cost of tuition fees.

One of the ways to manage the cost of education is to work part-time. Although many countries do allow students to work part-time, some countries restrict it completely. It is better to be aware of this and plan accordingly.

Learn more about the cost of studying abroad here.

3. When should I start planning my study abroad procedure?

We recommend you start as early as possible. There are many factors to consider and at times mandatory exams to prepare and perform. Selecting the right study destination, course, university, documentation, visa process all takes time. Keeping a buffer of 3-4 months depending on the country, we advise students to start about 9 months before the planned intake. However, visiting ProAmica earlier and understand the timeline of your application can help you plan for the correct intake.

Read more about the various available intakes while studying abroad.

4. How long does the application process take?

The entire application process once you have completed giving tests and collected documents can still take some time. This is because the university after application takes around 4-6 weeks to decide on your application. This is then followed by loan application and approval which can take another month depending on cases. Finally, the visa is also a time-consuming activity with medical tests, financial documentation, biometrics and at times a visa interview.  

5. Should I go abroad for undergraduate studies? Is it advisable to study abroad for a bachelor’s degree?

There are multiple reasons why studying abroad for undergraduate programs will make for a good decision. There are a variety of programs, the quality of education is higher, international exposure opens up a world of possibilities and imaginations, flexibility of programs means you can choose your minors as you study. In some universities, you will also see that completing an undergraduate program at the university can help you take admission to the graduate or master’s program.

6.What if I can’t afford to study overseas?

The good news is that you do not need to fund the entire cost of studying abroad on your own. There are various education loans available from different institutions that can help you for the same.

Learn more about Education loan for studying abroad here

Also, various scholarships and bursaries are available for international students to help them fund their studies. The amount and availability differ by the level of education and institution. Since scholarships are competitive, you will have to demonstrate exceptional academic achievements to earn them. There are also some government scholarship programs to help international students manage and fund their tuition fees.

Another way to manage your overseas education cost is to work part-time in most countries. This makes sure that you do not rely on your parents on guardians back home to fund your monthly expenses including accommodation and food. We even have stories of students who have worked part-time to fund not only their living costs but also a big part of their tuition fees.

P.S.: Canada also provides an option for courses where the students can work full time for a term and study for another term called Co-op programs.

7. Can I work and study at the same time?

Many countries allow international students to work for a certain number of hours during studies. This is an excellent option for students to work and earn money to manage living expenses. Some countries don’t allow any part-time work at all. The Co-op programs in Canada come with a study and work permit allowing students to work full time helping them to gain valuable industrial experience and a chance to prove themselves

Many universities have a dedicated jobcentre on campus for students that advertises job opportunities and internships to help students develop various skills. The university careers service is also a useful source of information.

Learn more about part-time work while studying abroad

8. Will my overseas qualification be recognized in India? What is the value of an abroad degree in India? Can I come back to India after MS in USA?

Ideally, we recommend that students work in a foreign country after completion of studies. This helps them gain international exposure and work experience which could be a positive factor for their work application back in India. Having said that, most of the degrees abroad are valid and considered in case you would like to pursue future education back in India. For professional degrees like medicine, law, and others the validity of the degree may be determined by further studies or examination.

9. Will studying abroad help me find a good job?

Educational qualifications and a good academic track record usually will help you further your professional goals. The world works in the same way it does in India for a demand and supply scenario. Selection of the right course, completing studies with good grades and most importantly networking with the right people will hold you in good stead for job applications.

10. Do I need an education consultant?

While you can apply to study directly to an institution, you may choose to use the expertise of an international education specialist (also known as a student counselor) to guide you through the process of choosing the right university or college and enrolling thereafter. Using an accredited and trusted consultant can help reduce the stress of choosing an institution in another country, applying and preparing to leave.

Our student counselors are knowledgeable and up to date on curriculum changes and have your best interests at heart. Most of them have been international students themselves and can thus offer first-hand advice every step of the way.

11. Does ProAmica charge for study abroad services?

We have a variety of services for students catering to different aspirations. We have free as well as paid services depending on your requirements. This is to ensure we keep your preferences as a priority while selecting destinations, universities, and courses. We endeavor to keep the process fair and keep all options open for you.

12. I am not sure about the course to study abroad, can you help?

Whatever may be the other factors, selection, of course, should be the priority for every student. The right course will offer opportunities in the relevant and interesting field for the student. Most likely, this is your career path and how well you do in your life depends on this.

Click here to check our career counseling services to help you finalize a career based on your strengths and weaknesses.

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