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    Process We Follow

    Intensive Testing

    1. Aptitude Testing
    2. Psychometric Testing
    3. Interest-Based Testing
    4. Personality Based Testing

    Analysis & Reporting

    1. Psychologist analyze the results
    2. 1 week of detailed study
    3. Generation of report
    4. Conclusions based on findings

    Counseling & Discussion

    1. Initial discussion about the current progress
    2. Explanation of report outcomes
    3. Guiding the students on strengths & weaknesses
    4. Preparation of career outcomes

    Career Planning & Execution

    1. Designing multiple career pathway
    2. Prioritizing career pathways
    3. Short and long terms goals
    4. Mentoring students on academic excellence

    All our tests are standardized and internationally accepted for the purpose of their analysis. Well qualified, trained and experienced psychologists team ensures high quality of reports.

    Career Assesments

    Aptitude Test
    Aptitude is inborn potential to do
    certain kinds of work whether developed or undeveloped
    Read more
    Personality Tests
    Personality tests can predict something about how
    a job applicant will act in some workplace situations
    Click Here
    Psychometric Test
    Psychometric assessments are standard scientific
    tests used to measure an individual’s mental capabilities,
    cognitive abilities & behavioral style
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    Assessment Packages


    Initial analysis
    • 1 Tests
    • 1 Sessions
    • 10 Pages Report
    • 250 Career Workbook
    • Telegram Group Updates
    • 1 Year Support


    • 4 Tests
    • 3 Sessions
    • 60 Pages Report
    • 250 Career Workbook
    • Telegram Group Updates
    • 1 Year Support


    For 10th & 12th Students
    • 5 Tests
    • 12 + 12 Sessions
    • 60 Pages Report
    • 250 Career Workbook
    • Telegram Group Updates
    • 1 Year Support


    Should I go for basic or comprehensive plan?

    Basic plan will only cover one test and will give you some idea about aptitude and the careers based on it. However, comprehensive testing is recommended for each and every individual looking to have a thorough assessment of all factors that affect careers and comes with 3 counseling sessions enabling intensive guidance for the carefully selected career stream.

    What test do you do in the basic plan?

    In the basic plan, we normally cover the aptitude test. However, depending on the age and case history, we may suggest a different test occasionally.

    What tests do you do in the comprehensive plan?

    A comprehensive plan covers all major parameters governing career decision making. Careers tests include aptitude tests, IQ tests, psychometric tests, personality tests and optionally intelligence tests. The outcome of these tests is discussed individually and combined during the 3 counseling sessions.

    What do you mean by 24 sessions in the mentorship plan?

    Many times, students appearing for board exams are not serious about studies due to various factors. Despite good schools and tuitions, there is no inherent motivation for them to do self-study. These students either put in huge efforts in the last 3 months while some only in the last few months and weeks leading up to the board exams. This results in under-performance and poor start to one’s career.

    Mentorship plan is ideally created and suited for students preparing for board exams. The primary 12 sessions cover the following topics

    1. Speed reading
    2. Techniques to study
    3. Learning styles
    4. Revision methods

    The secondary sessions will focus on

    1. Motivational videos
    2. Successful people and journeys
    3. Importance of smart work
    4. Planning
    5. Breaking bad habits & continuation of good habits
    Who makes the reports?

    Reports are created by experienced and qualified psychologists only.

    What do you mean by 1-year support? What happens after 1 year?

    While the career counseling sessions are done, we will provide the students with the yearly goals and it’s time frames. The support to meet the counselor’s multiple times during this one year along with a hotline WhatsApp number is provided to the student free of cost. Post the duration of 1 year, the services can be availed for a nominal cost per session.

    How long does it take to complete the assessment?

    Depending on the plan you choose and the tests recommended by the psychologists, it may take anywhere between 4 hours to 8 hours for all the tests to be completed. In certain cases we recommend the tests be spread across 2 days for better results

    Which days and time are you available for counseling?

    ProAmica counseling team is available from Monday to Sunday from 10 AM to 9 PM. Our availability at different offices may vary. It will be informed to you during our initial discussion. We work full time on most of the weekends.

    How long does it take for the reports to be generated?

    It takes about 7 working days after the tests are completed to have the report generated. On successful generation of report, the student or the parent is notified about it via a message or call.

    What is covered in the 3 career counseling sessions?

    Each of the 3 sessions are of a duration of 60-90 minutes.

    The 3 counseling sessions will cover as below

    1. Session A: In this session we will cover the findings of the analysis with the student and the parents and help them to read and interpret the report better.
    2. Session B: In this session we will continue with the discussion of the last session to plot the strengths and weaknesses of the student and accordingly map top 3 career options.
    3. Session C: In this session we will create a road map for each of the 3 career options along with college options, entrance exams, forms availability deadlines and expected cutoffs
    How and when do I need to make the payment?

    You will need to make the full payment in advance before the commencing the assessment.

    I am not from Mumbai, can we do the evaluation and counseling in my city?

    We do cover more than 15 cities in India. However, the availability of face to face counseling can depend on the number of students from that city. Please send in your inquiry and we will revert to make it possible.

    What is the right time to undergo career counseling?

    There is no ideal time to underdo career counseling. However, it is advised to get it done starting from the 7th standard onwards. Keep in mind the testing tools and parameters will change for school and college students and may be completely different for working professionals.

    Can you tell me more about the Mentorship plan for 10th & 12th students? Can other students also register for this?

    What is the duration of each counseling session?

    Each counseling session lasts for about 60-90 minutes.

    What are the other services that you offer apart from career counseling?

    Being primarily career counselors, we are also abroad education and admission consultants covering 34 countries and 800+ universities. We do not represent any university.

    Santosh Vanjari

    10th Std Student

    I had a great career counseling session with one of the team members. Absolutely loved the dedication and in-depth analysis, with a detailed explanation of the procedure. I would recommend to every student looking career counseling

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    Studying in the UK

    I loved the in-depth analysis and varied career options provided by Amod. He assists at every step, starting from shortlisting career options to sending out applications to the best universities. I would recommend his consultancy to any student looking for overseas education.

    Riya Sankhyan

    Studying in the UK

    Amod from ProAmica Career Development was really helpful, polite and patient while helping me find the right course and University.

    Pooja Pandey

    Studying in the UK

    I had a great counseling session with one of the team members. Absolutely loved the dedication and in-depth analysis, with a detailed explanation of the procedure. I would recommend to every student looking for studying oversees. 👍

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