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University Rankings when studying abroad

Importance of University rankings and the subsequent use of it in selection.


Very popular among students looking to study abroad, University rankings are one of the ways to know more about the university and its quality. Each university across the world is evaluated on the same parameters which the ranking body claims are genuine or authentic ways of measuring quality. The parameters may be different for different ranking bodies like the Qs World Ranking or Times Higher Education Rankings.


Universities continue to be evaluated according to the following six metrics

  • Academic Reputation
    • It is based on surveying individuals and their opinions about the academic quality of the particular institution
  • Employer Reputation
    • Students will continue to perceive a university education as a means by which they can receive valuable preparation for the employment market. It follows that assessing how successful institutions are at providing that preparation is essential for a ranking whose primary audience is the global student community
  • Faculty/Student Ratio
    • Teaching quality is typically cited by students as the metric of highest importance to them when comparing institutions using a ranking. It assesses the extent to which institutions can provide students with meaningful access to lecturers and tutors, and recognizes that a high number of faculty members per student will reduce the teaching burden on each academic.
  • Citations per faculty
    • The total number of citations received by all papers produced by an institution across a five-year period by the number of faculty members at that institution.
  • International Faculty Ratio
    • A highly international university acquires and confers a number of advantages. It demonstrates an ability to attract faculty and students from across the world, which in turn suggests that it possesses a strong international brand
  • International Student Ratio
    • The University provides both students with a multinational environment, facilitating the exchange of best practices and beliefs. In doing so, it provides students with international sympathies and global awareness: soft skills increasingly valuable to employers.

Top Universities of the world:

The following are the top 7 Universities of the world as of 2020

1Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)USA
2Stanford UniversityUSA
3Harvard UniversityUSA
4University of OxfordUK
5California Institute of Technology (CalTech)USA
6ETH Zurich- Swiss Federal Institute of TechnologySwitzerland
7University of CambridgeUK

Importance of rankings


  • It can help shortlist from a huge number of universities in a country
  • It can help compare two universities with each other.


  • Only relying on university ranking can be detrimental to the overall outcome of university evaluation
  • Higher ranked does not necessarily mean it would be the best fit for your requirements
  • Generally, higher ranked universities have higher fee structure too

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