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Top Reasons to Study in UK

We list down top reasons why international students prefer to study in UK

Excellent academic quality with the presence of the world’s oldest and top-ranked universities are some reasons why students prefer to study in UK. This combined with the diverse selection of courses makes it attractive for many international students.  

1. Top Rated Universities

According to Qs World ranking 2020, 4 of the top 10 universities across the world are in the UK, which includes the popular Oxford University and Cambridge University. In fact, all the universities in the UK follow the highest academic standards in the world and hence impart quality education and skills to all students. The preference for practical training programs that helps students get hands-on with the skills being trained for than theory-based sets the education system apart.

2. High-Quality Education

The Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) is an independent body in the UK that regularly makes as assessment of the education standards of all educational institutes across the country. The main agenda for assessment besides checking their performances through audits and subject reviews is to help identify the best practices and provide feedback for continuous improvement. Further higher educational institutions that are overseen by government-appointed agencies are aimed at ensuring quality and consistency of educational standards. English language courses and professional courses are subject to their own strict quality assurance measures.

3. Short Course Duration

Compared with the rest of the world, the course duration for both bachelor’s and master’s program in the UK is shorter without compromising on the quality or intensity of the course. This means that students graduate quicker and save on time and money both crucial factors while selecting a study abroad destination. Most bachelor programs in the UK run for a duration of 3 years whereas most master’s program runs for a duration of 1 year.

4. Part-time work allowed

Most international students who visit foreign countries for further studies need help in managing the cost of living. Thankfully, international students studying in the UK are allowed to work for 20 hours per week to support their finances. They can even work full time during the semester breaks.

5. Post Study Work Visa

UK government has during its September 2019 notification stated that international students will be allowed to work for 2 years post the completion of their studies, which is a huge step in the right direction to attract students. This single step has made the UK a very attractive study abroad destination for Indian students. This means you cannot just complete your curse quicker from a university of repute but also work and gain industry experience. 2 years of post-study work visa will be issued to students enrolling from Jan 2020 onwards.

6. Endless course options

Universities in the UK have a variety of course options having endless possibilities to choose subjects as per the needs and aspirations of the student. Many university courses are up to date with the requirements and needs of the industry as well as skills of the future and are increasingly making changes and adding new courses for the same.

7. English speaking country

UK primarily is an English speaking country and hence unlike countries in Europe. Indian students hence who are much acquainted with the English language need not study another foreign language to take admission or show employability in UK. Diverse society and rich culture along with no language barrier is a positive point in favor of studying in the UK.

8. Affordable Education

UK education is on the comparative side comparatively affordable if planned properly. As with many countries across the world, the courses for arts and humanities are the most affordable with engineering and medicine can be expensive. Most of the master’s programs are also comparatively affordable however, MBA programs can be expensive. For a detailed guide on the cost of studying in the UK please check our guide here.

9. Admission  any exam

Most universities in the UK for the bachelor program do not have any requirement of SAT scores and the admission process is done only based on 12th std marks. Similarly, exams such as GRE for masters in technical courses or GMAT for masters in non-technical course isn’t required for most of the courses. This means an easier way to get entry and admit for UK universities.

10. Scholarship options

Scholarship options are plenty in the UK and depend on the nature of the course and the university. The total worth of these scholarships is worth 1 million pounds and it offers a great opportunity for International students to apply. A detailed guide on all scholarships available for Indian students applying to UK is present here.

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