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Top reasons to study in Ireland

We list down top reasons why international students prefer to study in Ireland

Excellent academic quality with the presence of the world’s oldest and top-ranked universities are some reasons why international students prefer to study in Ireland. This combined with the diverse selection of courses makes it attractive for international students. 


1.Excellent Quality of Education

The government monitors the quality of education in all the universities via the National Framework of qualifications which ensures that the same quality of education is consistently delivered across the country. This ensures that almost all the institutions and courses follow strict quality guidelines.

2.Work Opportunities 

The international student community makes a huge percentage of the student population in Ireland and there are many part-time work opportunities for them throughout the year. On the study visa, Irish government allows the student to work up to 20 hours per week which helps cover for the cost of accommodation

3.Irish culture, History,& Nature

Friendly, light-hearted and diverse are some words that can be used to describe the people in Ireland. The country is known to celebrate festivals in much fanfare along with food, music and native dance. The countryside is home to some amazing castles with history dating back to centuries.

4.Students from across the world

The Irish institutions are home to international student communities from across the world hence you should not be surprised to find colleagues from various nationalities including Chinese, European, English, and Indian among many.

5.Short duration of courses

Just like the UK curriculum, the Irish curriculum also has a short duration of bachelor’s and master’s courses. While the bachelor’s courses run for 3 years, most of the master’s courses run for 1 year. This is the idea for an Indian international student since the studies get over in a shorter time saving costs on tuition and accommodation.

    6. Affordable Education

    Irish education is affordable to all. The tuition fees for most of the universities are lower for undergraduate and graduate programs compared to the rest of the world and this attracts many international students.

    7. Scholarships

    Many government and university level scholarships are available to deserving bright students which can help reduce the cost of education further. The scholarships vary depending on the nature of the course, university and are mostly dependent on the qualifying marks of the student. You can learn more about government scholarships here

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