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Cost of Studying in Canada

What will be the total cost and break up of costs for studying in Canada?

We have compiled a list of expenses to help you with accurate cost estimations as below

Canada can be an expensive proposition if not planned properly and hence it is imperative to understand the various types of costs that you will likely incur along with rough estimates. It is important to do this calculation before you depart from India, as this will help you plan your expenses properly. Read along the major head cost as we present you all the expenses under various heads below.

1. University Tuition fee 

When we speak about expenses to study abroad, the first thing to consider is the tuition fee, which will form the major part of your expense sheet. The amount of tuition fee varies greatly depending on the level of qualification, the university or the school that you are applying to and finally the major factor being the course itself.

To generalize it can be said that courses, which involve humanities, education or arts, will be comparatively less expensive than courses that involve commerce, finance or management. While it is not surprising that, the most expensive of the lot will be technical courses like medicine and engineering.

It should also be noted that bachelor’s course or undergraduate courses are less expensive than the master’s courses when you take into account yearly tuition fees in Canada. The cost of studying in Canada can vary depending on the university too.

If you wish to reduce the cost of this major expense of tuition fees, we suggest applying for the various scholarships available for Indian students in Canada

2. Accommodation

One option that most universities in Canada will offer is On-campus accommodation. These can be self-serviced or fully serviced as well. Living on the on-campus accommodation is a great idea whereby you can save on the transportation costs, but you will need to apply in advance, as these are in short supply and high demand. The on-campus accommodation will cost you on average CAD 3000-7000 / year.

If you do miss out or prefer to stay off-campus, then you will have to look for a room on rent.  Generally, university’s accommodation office may be able help search and scout for nearby available options.

Few things to keep in mind when looking for an off-campus accommodation or room on rent in Canada

The costs will vary a lot from one city to another and depending on the nature of the agreement, you will have to pay extra for services like electricity, internet, water, television connection. Bear in mind there are options, which are all-inclusive too. Typically, house rent for a one-bedroom apartment ranges from CAD 5000/year.

You can book temporary accommodation before you fly from India.

3. Student Visa

A nominal but crucial expense for studying in Canada is the cost of the student visa, which is currently CAD 235.

For detailed information on application and documentation procedure for Canada visa please click here

4. Food and living expenses

One of the recurring expenses that you will need to bear not just while studying but also while living in Canada will be food and living cost. It is imperative for an international student to budget for various items to avoid overspending. Generally, an average lifestyle will need about CAD 5000-7000 / year for living expenses.

Communication expenses are also recurring since all international students will need this service to communicate with family members back home and local usage. It should be noted that unlike India, the communication industry is very different in the Canada and hence one needs to plan for these expenses in the budget. We advise students to look for student specific plans and offers to start, since these plans offer many benefits targeted to the student population.

Study material would also need to be purchased separately for many of the courses and this will also be considered in the expense during the budgeting. Opting to buy secondhand books is a good alternative to save on costs here too.

Personal expenses can greatly vary between different people. Grocery, laundry, toiletries, etc. will need to be purchased.

5. Health Insurance

It is mandatory for all international students coming to Canada for studies to have a medical insurance plan before the start of the program. The average cost of a medical insurance plan purchased from outside the university would be approximately 650 CAD/year. A high standard of healthcare is available for all international students across Canada. Many time Universities themselves provide the health insurance plan and the cost for the same is included in the offer letter.

5. Getting around

In a developed and advanced country like Canada there are many options available for transportation. We advise students to make use of student discount coupons and monthly passes while traveling in public transport. In case you plan to have a personal vehicle, do plan the expenses for the same including rental, fuel and maintenance.

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